Help Us Save our Rhinos

What to expect during a game capture?

Outlook Adventures takes up to 15 guests on a Game/rhino capture. Once the animal is located and darted, under the watch-full eye of experienced rangers, all the guests can participate in obtaining all necessary info needed for research and identity purposes. With a hands-on approach you get up close and personal with the animal while the professional rangers and veterinary staff de-horn or microchip the rhino.



What your funding covers:

  • ›Helicopter transfer & flying time (for the pilot only)
  • ›All Veterinarian fees, travel costs & Anaesthetics
  • ›Tracking Collars, Implants for anti-poaching purposes
  • ›All tourism levies, reserve & conservation fees

Our packages support the reserves and research organisations with the financial burden necessary in the fight against rhino poaching.

A typical game capture day:

  • ›Wake up at the crack of dawn and meet at the pre- arranged meeting place.
  • ›Briefing while helicopter locates the animal.
  • ›Clients embark on game vehicles.
  • ›Clients called in by radio comms & are informed of the rhinos location by the pilot.
  • ›Once safe, clients disembark and proceed to the capture site.
  • ›Clients help in obtaining info needed and cooling of the animal. Ear-notching done for identity purposes.
  • ›Once completed, at a safe distance the awakening drug is administered.
  • ›When the rhino is up and away, a bush breakfast is served where clients can talk to the rangers about their unforgettable experience.
  • ›Depart back to original meeting place.